Located at last: La bella vita

I felt compelled today to create a new category for my little Spoiled Expat blog. Something that wasn’t just about life abroad, or the food, or the sights, but something else entirely.

You see, I have been struggling with life here for the past 5 1/2 years and only now have I realized why. There are so many beautiful things about living in Italy. I enjoy my life here. I feel guilty that I enjoy my life here. I downplay how much I like to live here because I don’t want my family and friends to feel as if I’ve chosen this life over the one I would have there.

La bella vita and for all that those three words encapsulate for dreamers stuck at home who pinch their pennies and dream of renovating a villa in a tiny town in the hills of Tuscany is not just la bella vita. Not for me, anyways. La bella vita also includes the life inside my head. The one I live everyday, the one that still includes greasy cheeseburgers and nameless white wine chosen by price. The one that has me up late at night reading articles and books about Agile and Project Management and Systems Thinking because I want to make sure I’m doing my job well. The one that  hasn’t learned the conguintivo yet and relies on the imperfetto to get its point across. The one that scours book shops looking for English books that I have not classified as ‘beach reads’, the one that views myself as in a state of continuous improvement; the one that works on la bella vita internally, without taking its’ surroundings into consideration.

La bella vita is more than the sum of its’ parts and does not reside in Italy. You can have la bella vita anywhere. It is not just here. It is in Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton, Washington DC, Dallas, Maryland, LA, London, Dublin, Maynooth….it is wherever YOU make it. 

I want to share with you my journey to make my life la bella vita and I’d love to hear how you’re making yours too. 


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