Torta Salata – Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmigiano

Torta Salata - Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmigiana

Ah – the torta salata, or ‘salty cake’. Flaky pastry filled with imagination.

It’s embarrassing to put this out there for public consumption because it’s so simple. You can make it harder on yourself by making the key ingredients from scratch, but why? Wouldn’t you rather whip this delightful dish together and spend the spare time doing something you love even more?  

Torta Salata - Spinach, Ricotta and Parmigiana

Torta Salata – Spinach, Ricotta and Parmigiana

If you’re looking for something healthy and delicious to make for lunch or a light dinner, then look no further than the Torta Salata. The “salty cake”, or at least this version of it, is versatile and extremely tasty, not to mention nutritious and preservative free. 

Torta Salata - Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmigiana


We all know that you need to get your greens. In this Torta Salata you get more than your daily allotment – and it seems like a treat! You can use either fresh or frozen (I used frozen) without worrying. But if you do use frozen, be sure they’ve had most of the liquid squeezed out so you don’t end up with a soggy mess. 

Torta Salata - Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmigiana

As always, and in adherence with the Mediterranean style of eating – make sure to use the absolute freshest and best produce and cheeses you can afford. Support your local farmers and buy directly from them.

Torta Salata - Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmigiana

Buon appetit!

Torta Salata – Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmigiano

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 50 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Quick and delicious. Pair it with a salad for a light dinner.


  • 1 pre-made pie crust
  • Pre-cooked (or frozen and then thawed) spinach
  • 500 grams (or about 1 to 1.5 cups)
  • Ricotta - 250 grams
  • Grated parmigiano - 1/3 to 1/2 cup
  • Egg yolks - 1 cup, Salt - to taste


  1. Lay out your pie crust into a pie plate - try to leave a bit of pastry hanging over the edge as you will fold this over the mixture once it's been spooned in.
  2. In a large bowl, combine all other ingredients, except for salt.
  3. Mix.
  4. Taste and adjust for salt. Remember that salt will become stronger as you cook it, so be careful.
  5. Once you are satisfied, put the entire mixture into the pie plate.
  6. Smooth the mixture until it is evenly distributed.
  7. Fold over the flaps of pastry with your hands. Don't worry if some of the mixture spills over - it's OK.
  8. Put the Torta Salata into the oven.
  9. Now, cooking time - depending on your stove and your mixture this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. My mixture was a bit liquidy when I put it in, and therefore my cooking time was just over an hour. The good thing is that since there are so many moist ingredients here, you really can't go wrong.


*These are the ingredients that I used. You could use whole eggs, but I was trying to finish a carton (500ml) of egg whites so I just dumped in the rest. Aside from the pie crust - all measurements are also estimates. The best part of these types of dishes is that they are extremely forgiving. Throw in what you like, mix, taste, adjust, experiment!

Things to watch for: The crust is nice and brown. A toothpick comes out clean. The bottom (check this by using a spatula or other tool to see the bottom of the pie crust) isn't soggy. My pie crust called for a temperature of 180/200 C but yours may differ. If in doubt, use the temperature on your package or what you know to be right for your pastry and keep an eye on the torta every now and then.



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