So another year is upon us. Another year to make (and keep!) resolutions to be more active, eat more cleanly, drink less, and spend more time reading and travelling.

Well, if you’ve made the resolution to eat more cleanly, then perhaps you should just move on and find a different recipe on this site. Perhaps the Torta Salata? 😉 I tell you this because this recipe, while deliciously satisfying with a good dose of Omega 3, is a bit on the rich and calorie dense side……just a tad.

Smoked Salmon Pasta

It all starts with smoked salmon…

I don’t know if you come from the most beautiful province in Canada like I do (that’s BC BTW), but if so, you’ll know that our smoked salmon is often the nice big chunks that you can just tear off and eat. And if you’re on Granville Island and happen to be in the market and happen to be buying the Maple smoked candied salmon then you’ll…..wait, where was I. Why am I telling you this?

Oh yes. If you’re going to make this, then you need the salmon like I’ve got in the above picture. This is what I find here in Italy, and even though it’s Norwegian, it’s pretty good. 😉 I kid! I kid! 

Smoked Salmon Pasta

Creamy and delicious, a quick lunch or dinner that the whole family will enjoy!

 This dish is so easy to make. The secret is all in the timing though. This isn’t your typical “make the sauce” “make the pasta” “add together” type dish. This dish requires organization! This dish requires planning! This dish requires me to just get on with it! 

You’ll need to get your water boiling and pasta cooking while you’re doing everything else, because once the pasta is ready, you put it in the pan with the salmon and butter, add the cream, and then finish it off. 

In fact, finishing off your pasta like this is common in Italy. It’s one of the “secrets to Italian cooking”. Don’t cook your pasta fully in the water, cook it until it’s about 2-3 minutes less than ready, then add it to your sauce. Reserve some of the water in case you need to add it while finishing the pasta in the sauce. If you do this, you’ll get the same creamy consistency that you always get in restaurants. Every time. 

Buon appetit!

Smoked Salmon Pasta

You KNOW you want a bite!


Smoked Salmon Pasta

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 4

Smoked Salmon Pasta. Elegant enough to be served to discerning guests, easy enough to be whipped up for dinner for the family.


  • 1 package pasta
  • 200 grams of smoked salmon
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 125-200 mL of heavy cream
  • Black pepper (optional)


  1. 1. Fill a pot, add salt, and start boiling water for the pasta.
  2. 2. At the same time get out a pan and melt the butter over low heat.
  3. 3. Cut, or tear, the smoked salmon into small pieces.
  4. 4. Add to the melted butter and cook lightly (you're looking to get the salmon even pinker!)
  5. 5. When the salmon is cooked, turn it off and take it off the heat.
  6. 6. If your water is boiling, add the pasta and cook it (follow package directions).
  7. 7. Once the pasta is finished, drain it, and add it to the pan where you've cooked the salmon in butter.
  8. 8. Turn the element on low heat, add the cream, and mix for about 5 minutes.
  9. 9. Garnish with pepper, and serve!